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vetproof® African Swine Fever Virus qPCR LyoKit

vetproof® African Swine Fever Virus qPCR LyoKit detects the presence of DNA from African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) in extracts from domestic pig and wild boar sample types (serum, EDTA blood, tissues, or FTA cards). It is also able to detect ASFV in pools of up to 10 serum samples and is compatible with most real-time PCR instruments suitable for the detection of FAM, HEX and ROX fluorophores.

Key benefits:

  1. Compatible with most RT PCR instruments.
  2. Contains Endogenous Control to ensure presence of the test matrix and successful DNA extraction.
  3. Contains an Internal control to detect partial PCR inhibition.
  4. Low detection limit (5 copies) for accurate detection.
  5. Easy to use precoated lyophilized plates.
  6. Convenient shipping at ambient temperature and storage at 2 – 8 °C.
Product type: Swine
Catalogue number: KIT230339 (LP) /KIT230341 (RP)
Technique: PCR
Intended use: To detect African Swine Fever Virus (ASF)
Kit format: 96 reactions
Data pack available: Upon request
Standards available: Yes