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vetproof® PRRSV Detection Kit

A highly sensitive and specific RT-PCR test kit allowing simultaneous differentiation and quantification of Type 1(EU), Type 2(US) and HP type Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus.

The vetproof® PRRSV Detection Kit is intended for detection of Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in samples originating from swine. The kit is able to detect the PRRSV subtype EU (Type-1 / Eurpobartevirus) in the FAM channel, subtype NA (Type-2 / Ampobartevirus) in the HEX channel and subtype HP (highly pathogenic NA strains) in the ROX channel.

The vetproof® PRRSV Detection Kit is used for:

  • Screen for PRRSv free status
  • Confirm diagnosis in suspect herds
  • Quantification and differentiation of viral load type1 (EU), type 2 (US) and HP type PRRS
Species: Poultry
Catalogue number: KIT230156
Classification: PCR test
Technique: PCR
Intended use: To detect the presence or absence of PRRSv in Swine
Kit format: 96 reactions
Data pack available: Upon request
Standards Available: Yes

The certificates of analysis can be found here: